OOH a Witness to Digital Hub Workwise Asia Promising Mentorship and Empowerment to Today’s Workforce

OOH a Witness to Digital Hub Workwise Asia Promising Mentorship and Empowerment to Today’s Workforce

Manila, Philippines. A new digital hub is in town for career professionals: Workwise Asia announces the debut of its first round of online content through major LED billboards in EDSA and Taptab ads this July.

Workwise Asia as seen in United Neon’s LED billboard in Guadalupe, EDSA, Metro Manila

With the employment rate in the country increased to 94.87% in the 2nd quarter of 2019 from 94.76% in the 1st quarter
1, a new career growth publication seems not only likely but necessary.  

Workwise Asia Editor-at-Large Alpha Allanigui explains that there is a market and growing demand for diversity in mentorship. “In this age where so many tools are available to the workforce, it’s time we learned to work wiser. To work wise is to make sound decisions, balanced by the values of collaboration and cooperation, accountability and responsibility, and task and time management.”

There are so many variations of different careers at this point. The 21st Century is a time where people can work their way up the traditional organizations or decide to go traveling the world as freelancers. Even the world of sales and marketing is being overrun by artists who push forward with new perspectives. Innovation is the name of the game. With so many new strategies, technology, and ideas running around, where do we start?

Taptab ad: We aim to reinvent what it means to not only work hard, but work wise.

Workwise Asia helps you answer these questions by bringing in the insights of different experts within their respective fields. Make sense of this rapidly changing world, so that you too, can have the power to change your world.

Workwise Asia has officially launched this July. Read on career topics like leadership, management, productivity, innovation, creativity, and communication. Learn from top tier executives from the Philippines and around the world on Top Brass with Editor-in-Chief Boris Joaquin. Take a dive into compelling stories of people and local businesses on See Worthy at Work in partnership with LinkOD Solutions. Be inspired by real life stories of overcoming struggles in career and life on Rostrum.

Some professionals look at industry leaders and wonder how they have got it all figured out. Truth is, they have gone through the same struggles and sleepless nights as most people do. In the ever-changing landscape of career growth in any given industry with today’s technology and influence, nothing is permanent– well, except the core principles. That includes working wise.

To continue your learning journey, visit: www.workwiseasia.com or their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram pages. 


About Workwise Asia 

It is important to have content that people can understand can connect with. This is where Workwise Asia comes in. As an online publication for professionals, Workwise Asia serves as the digital hub for wise, relatable, and insightful career and learning resources.

Workwise Asia’s purpose is to help the workforce progress and develop timeless values through informational, insightful, and interesting content. It aims to empower and equip each professional to become better versions of themselves. 

As Workwise Asia instigates the mindshift from “being just a worker” to “owning the work”, it is their promise to impart time-tested values through diverse and engaging stories across different generations inspiring readers toward a culture of excellence.