Ad Recap 2019: The Ads That Made A Mark

Ad Recap 2019: The Ads That Made A Mark

It’s December, which means we’re this much closer to kissing 2019 goodbye. The past year has been filled with triumphs, challenges, changes, and very, very good ads. Let’s  take a step back and look at the brands and creative minds that made us think, cry, laugh, feel, and shop.

CCP’s Earth Day 2019 The Cry of the Dead Whale Activation 

In collaboration with Dentsu Jaime Syfu

Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) came up with a thought-provoking piece on what’s happening to our oceans. Dubbed The Cry of the Dead Whale, this installation featured a life-sized whale made of plastic displayed on CCP front lawn. Although a similar installation has been done before, this particular piece features another element: a dead baby whale inside its mother. With global warming and ocean pollution taking center stage when it comes to hot button issues, this is a fantastic example of creative ways of raising awareness and prompting action.

Globe’s A Star Wars Experience for All 

In collaboration with Wunderman Thompson 

In anticipation for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Globe has released a heartwarming ad in partnership with the mega-movie franchise. The ad shows two kids building a replica of a movie set that serves as a 4-D viewing experience for their other friend. There’s an unexpected twist at the end, so you just need to see the video below! If your eyes get misty, we’ll just say that you had some Tatooine desert dust in your eye.

Alaska: Paalala 

In collaboration with MullenLowe Philippines

Christmastime has always been a special season for bringing families together. In this ad, Alaska shows how even the best memories overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and bring people together. Watch their tear jerking ad down below:

Let’s McDeliver Back

Every day, riders and deliverymen drive around the Philippines delivering all sorts of goodies to customers, especially during discount seasons. This year, McDonald’s decided to give the love right back to them. These often unsung heroes were put on spotlight by giving them free food to thank them for their service. Watch how McDonald’s delivered smiles around the metro in the video below:

Angkas Halloween

Angkas has been a real savior for Filipinos grinding on with their daily commute. Last Halloween, they released a video showing just how much Angkas saves lives. Filled with camp and uniquely Pinoy humour, heir Halloween ad is hilarious and so on brand that it should scare up a laugh or ten.

Orocan Koolit Cantina 

In collaboration with Gigil

If you haven’t seen the new Orocan commercials, you are definitely missing out. If you don’t already know, Orocan is a Filipino brand that sells plastic home products like water coolers and the iconic tabo and balde combo. While most brands try to showcase their most desirable features, Orocan took a completely different route for Orocan Koolit Cantina. A route so honest and almost unheard of, they are basically pleading people to buy their products, and it paid off big time. Koolit talaga! Check out some of their ads:

HardieFlex Di Lahat ng Fiber Cement Board ay Hardieflex 

In collaboration with Gigil

If there’s one line from a Filipino movie everyone knows by heart, it’s Cherie Gil’s iconic line with matching wine splash from the 1985 cult-classic Bituing Walang Ningning. For this ad, Cherie Gil channels her iconic role in an encounter between a hardware salesman and a customer. Honestly, you’ll just have to see it to believe how praise-worthy this performance (and ad) is:

Hardieflex Billboard Ad at Pangasinan, in partnership with United Neon Advertising, Inc.

LBC Election Day 2019

May 2019 marked the general elections for government officials in the Philippines. Logistics company LBC made sure to deliver a message to all the voters right before the elections to encourage them to choose the right leaders that will help move the country forward. With clever copy and striking letters, they release their messages on social media to remind voters to make the right choice for the nation in the elections. See their ads here:

I think everyone can agree that 2019 was an amazing year for advertising. Creative concepts have been pushed, new ideas came to light, and advocacies took their time in the spotlight. Think we missed anything? Let us know some of your favorite ads from the past year!

*All photos are from the official Facebook pages of the brands.

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