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Advertising Services Philippines

Advertising service Portfolio

OOH Solutions in a Digital World

United Neon has bagged a wide range of notable OOHexecution portfolio under its belt. And we still continue to research and review our services to give you the most meaningful OOH and digital experience.

Our Platforms

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Billboard Advertising Philippines

Out of Home Advertising


Billboards & Signages

When it comes to out-of-home advertising, United Neon is, without a doubt, the industry expert. With more than 400 sites across the Philippines and more than 80 years of experience, UN has always been the go-to agency when it comes to billboards and outdoor signage. Our extensive roster of clients includes the country’s leading brands and corporations, from food and FMCG to real estate and finance.

Our billboard and signage properties help brands create big and lasting impressions. Situated in areas with high vehicle and foot traffic, they provide high visibility that directly connects with the public.

LED Billboard Advertising Philippines

Electronic Billboard Advertising

Led Billboard

If you think United Neon only provides highly visible static billboards, think again. Ever the outdoor advertising pioneer, United Neon was also one of the first to offer LED Billboards to address the growing demand for LED screens. Following the same strategy applied in the selection of our billboard sites, you can likewise find our LED Billboards in high-volume and slow-moving areas.

With our LED Billboards, brands can showcase impactful and vivid images that they can easily change depending on the campaign they are running. And, what’s more, with LED screens, brands can increase their exposure by 3 to 5 times more!

Unilumin is a leading LED application products and integrated solutions provider dedicated in LED product development, manufacturing, as well as worldwide sales and after-sales services.

Transit Media Advertising Philippines

Transit Ads Services



An equally effective outdoor advertising platform, United Neon’s transit inventory includes buses, jeepneys and tricycles. If the beauty of billboards lies in its ability to create impactful visibility for brands, then transit’s is to provide a much more focused level of reach and awareness.

Advertising through transit gives brands unparalleled access to areas not ordinarily reached by huge billboards and LED screens. Brands with limited resources but aiming to establish or build a presence in specific localities and/or communities would find transit advertising a cost-efficient and effective way to market their products.

Ambient Advertising Philippines

Local Ambient Directional Signage



Ambient ads are lampposts and directional signage. They are a great complementary to transit ads, as they extend exposure in highly localized parts of both urban and provincial areas.

But apart from offering a highly strategic and concentric presence to brands, ambient ads are very cost-efficient and have proven to be a surefire way of leading customers to areas of purchase.

Digital Advertising Technology

Digital Marketing Philippines



In keeping with its innovative spirit, United Neon has expanded its array of products and services to the digital space. From being the leading expert in out-of-home advertising, we have also taken on the exciting and ever evolving world of digital.

What we offer is a collaborative environment where we integrate your brand’s outdoor presence to online and mobile, giving you a multi-channel access to your target audience wherever they may be.

Creativity on Display

United Neon’s presence nationwide provides unlimited opportunities for a strategic outdoor campaign. Through the years, United Neon’s executions have illustrated the power of engaging design, innovation and great visual storytelling.


Don’t be boxed. Dare to differ.

Billboards Philippines


Go beyond the normal billboard surface. Take it further

United Neon Advertising

Embossed / 3D

Make your message pop

Billboards Philippines

Special Materials

Complement your campaign character

Billboards of Thor Ragnarok


Put innovation to work

United Neon Advertising Technology

Digital Outdoor Activation

Digitize your OOH campaign


Be bigger and bolder

Billboards Philippines

How do we do it?

United Neon Advertising


Tell us your objective. Then let’s come up with the concept, artwork and budget.
United Neon Advertising


We provide you with the plan, resources, proofing and risk management.

We co-create the blueprint to build our work of art. Of course, we shall keep our communication open.

When every details is to your liking, we shall then build our masterpiece..
United Neon Advertising


Let's launch your project and tell the world of your campaign. We can help spread the word on social media as well.

That's it! Standing out from a crowd of outdoor media only takes proper planning, creativity, innovation and appropriate execution.

Why don’t we start with that coffee soon? 😉


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