LED Billboards say “Thank You” to moms this Mother’s Day

LED Billboards say “Thank You” to moms this Mother’s Day

No other woman in our lives is as grand as our moms. Since pregnancy to adulthood, our moms have been there to care for our every need. They deserve every ounce of a grand gesture of appreciation we can give. And nothing spells grand than having your selfie seen by the whole of Metro Manila.

This Mother’s day, Familywise Asia together with United Neon Media Group launched a Mother’s Day campaign with a singular goal–give thanks to moms the grand way. A call for people to post selfies with their moms made its noise online a few weeks before Mother’s day.

One by one, mother and child photos started pouring in like snapshots of memories and priceless moments of love. A scrapbook of immortalized motherly love was created and you can browse through them here.

As you pass by major highways in the metro, you will notice huge LED billboards featuring photos of moms and their kids. This is a way to tell mothers everywhere that all their care and sacrifices are deeply appreciated. This time, it’s the child’s turn to make them feel loved. After all, nothing says, “Happy Mother’s Day” like having your selfie with your mom seen by the whole of Metro Manila.

With every photo of a child’s appreciation towards their mother, the Salute N’ Snap campaign became a voice for gratitude. It is also a reminder for everyone who has seen the LED billboards to take the time to think about their moms and remember say “Thank you, Ma!”

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