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Mass audiences on the move are continually on the rise as modern society gets more and more dynamic and fast-paced, making the easiest way to connect with them by being precisely where they spend a great amount of their time.

United Neon suitably offers a versatile outdoor media option so that businesses can reach and attract their customers on the go: transit advertising. Providing the perfect outdoor advertising opportunity to set a brand or product in motion is through targeted transit ad placements in prominent public transportation across the nation – buses, jeepneys, tricycles, taxis, as well as roving trucks and vans.

Transit ads connect to their captive audiences in a specific demographic or geographic community, generating valuable impressions that instantly lead to top-of-mind awareness and long-term recall of a brand or product. Placing ads on moving vehicles directly influences behavior-changing frequency levels and effectively persuades consumers to purchase a product or service as they reach the point of sale.

United Neon implements its transit advertising services through United Transit Ads Systems, Inc. (UTASI), a separate company under the United Neon Group of Companies, which is in charge of handling all operations for the transit ads.

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