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United Neon’s area of expertise is billboard advertising. Ever since the company’s early days in the advertising industry, it has been the pioneer in producing high quality billboards. For decades, United Neon has been a trustworthy partner of businesses in building awareness and maximizing exposure for their brands through the impact of billboards.

The advantages of billboards can never be understated. With United Neon’s extensive inventory of billboards which are strategically located at prime placements all over the country, products or brands can achieve the widest reach and the greatest visibility that would definitely yield maximum impact and recall.

United Neon billboards deliver round-the-clock exposure in areas where customer traffic is the highest. They are mounted as big, bold, and eye-catching displays which are exposed 24/7 with timed illumination at night, guaranteeing dramatic and creative impact for products or brands. They are vividly produced with highly durable tarpaulin that requires minimal maintenance. They can flexibly execute one or a combination of the following elements: photographic content, neon signs, and neon lighting. Above all, United Neon billboards deliver the best results that are in tune with the clients’ business objectives and United Neon’s core values.

With several billboards nationwide

  • Single structure with special execution
  • Huge billboard 100 feet x 100 feet
  • LED lighted build up signs
  • Building wall signages

SLEX, Sta. Agueda

EDSA Shaw, Mandaluyong City

Balintawak, Quezon City


Bocaue, NLEX

C5 Kalayaan


EDSA Boni, Mandaluyong City

EDSA Guadalupe, Makati City

C5 Libis



San Rafael, Tarlac

Parañaque City