About United Neon Advertising, Inc.


United Neon has since been known in the industry for its special executions of out of home advertising campaigns, its stand on the content of advertising, and its mission to support human development through corporate social responsibility.
It contributes to nation building through getting most LED billboards to report good things happening in our country (the “Good News Pinoy”).
It partners with the Center for Community Transformation (CCT) and Institute for Foundational Learning (IFL) in helping the poor: Providing small loans to over 120,000 micro-entrepreneurs so that they can have livelihood, as well as education for under-privileged children; and vocational training for out-of-school youths. All of these efforts have a multiplier effect.

All glory be unto God!

Mission & Vision


To positively impact the lives of partners and the nation for the Glory of God.


To be the best-in-class media company in the Asia-Pacific Region

Core Values

Aside from the above mission-vision statement, United Neon is guided by its core values in the acronym HEARTS where each component forms part of each employee’s wholistic personal development. It is the aim of the company that each employee practices these core values in their work at United Neon, but more importantly advocates these in their daily lives even outside the workplace. The people behind United Neon’s continuous success serves as advocates of the company’s mission-vision because they are driven and defined by these values as they carry out their daily responsibilities at work.


HUMILITY entails one’s willingness to learn, as well as one’s ability to admit mistakes and to improve oneself as a result of it. A humble person knows how to listen to and respect other’s point of view or suggestions. He or she constantly makes an honest self-assessment and fully recognizes the need to always grow and learn. A humble employee diligently excels in his work not for self-centered reasons but for the purpose of serving God and others.

EXCELLENCE is sought by United Neon employees for technical excellence by setting the benchmark and performing above industry standards. Inspired by a strong commitment to excellence, the company adheres to a highly disciplined routine of submitting work ahead of time and delivering high quality output. Maintaining excellence at all times also includes being wary of committing mistakes as these affect not only the business, but also the company’s stakeholders in a chain effect.

ATTITUDE and PASSION. Having a can-do attitude, being positive, and seeing the glass half full always are the characteristics of people with this core value at heart. He or she is someone who never gives up, is full of energy, and has infectious enthusiasm. United Neon hopes to grow in each employee a love for his or her job this way. Upholding this core value promotes a healthy work environment that enriches every person’s individuality and fosters harmony among employees.

RESPECT. At United Neon, individual and cultural differences are valued and respected in order to create a welcoming environment that encourages open communication and personal growth. Interaction with customers, stakeholders, and partners likewise respect the values of human integrity, in line with the company’s moral principles. As the company aims to impact the lives of its stakeholders for the Glory of God, it entails that its employees treat people with dignity and value.

TEAMWORK. Being in a work environment with people who are always willing to lend a helping hand helps in fostering good working and personal relationships among the staff at United Neon. Having a genuine concern for people brings out the team player in each employee. A supportive work environment that values teamwork paves the way for productive group dynamics and enables the company to achieve a higher level of integration of values, attitudes, and goals that benefit everyone in the long-term.

SERVICE or customer delight. United Neon employees should go the extra mile to please both external and internal customers. As the company identifies not just those internal to the organization, but also those stakeholders who are of a bigger picture, servicing them and addressing their needs aim to contribute to nation building.

our partners & affiliates

Industry Partners

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Our industry partners allow us to keep up with the trends and regulate our business according to industry standards. The alliance that we have with these organizations are crucial in helping us respond to issues and concerns.

Other Partners


We are partnered with like-minded organizations that share our vision for service. Working with them allows us to promote the public good and help in nation building through our media.