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We understand the value we and our customers gain when we work with intelligent people who make smart decisions, so that is who we hire. It is imperative that we hire smart people who can work intelligently as we continue to disrupt the very category we created.

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Position Objective Ideal candidate is responsible for creating high quality, creatively written content such as blog posts, social media posts, captions, website content and contest content while at the same time dealing with strict deadlines. Responsibilities include

1. Writing high quality articles that are relevant, engaging and factually accurate in its content and context.
2. Adding text and captions for Social Media photos, link shares and infographics.
3. Injecting keywords for SEO Articles and writing descriptions used for on-page Search Engine Optimization.
4. Providing support to textual materials that will be used for both in-house documents and external concerns.
• Has a passion for writing, and we cannot stress this enough
• Above par writing skills, both in English and Filipino
• With impressive Interpersonal skills
• Good to excellent oral and written communication skills
• Above average facility of basic Microsoft Office applications, i.e., Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook
• Team player with a knack for beating deadlines
• Can work under maximum pressure but minimal supervision
• Must be willing to work in Makati City, Metro Manila
• Fresh graduates are welcome to apply
Online Content Marketing
Schedule: Full-time Education
Level: College level Experience
Requirement: 0-2 years Shift: 08:30 to 05:30 PM
Job Type: Probationary to Regular

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Position Objective Ideal candidate is responsible in all sales activities, from lead generation to closing deals, maintaining harmonious working relationships with clients for the achievement of customer satisfaction, revenue generation, and long-term account goals in line with company vision and values.

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Position Objective

Ideal candidate is responsible in managing the direction, coordination, implementation, execution, control and completion of specific projects while ensuring consistency with company strategy, commitment, and goals.

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Position Objective

Ideal candidate is responsible in having an understanding of marketing and social media trend techniques such as management of social media accounts; proposing, pitching-in and executing conceptual strategies.

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