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United Neon is celebrating its 80th year this 2017

The challenge of our vision is in how we will maintain and sustain our position in the OOH industry and expand our business to become the indefatigable media player in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Our solution is in the mission, that is: to positively impact our partners for the glory of [...]

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4 Traffic-Stopping Causes that Won Our Hearts

Taking a social cause to the streets is often a tricky matter, but some advocacies and organizations have found their voices in the same space dominated by big brands and stunning celebrities. Outdoor ads capture our attention, however many of us forget that they also serve a bigger purpose: to educate and raise social [...]

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6 Brightest Stars Lighting Up Our Streets Today

Many of the brightest stars we see every day on our screens, magazine covers, and favorite primetime shows are also some of the most prominent faces that light up the roads across the country, lending their pretty faces and unique personalities to brands and billboards all around. Liza Soberano Site: Quimpo Blvd., Ecoland, Davao [...]

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Thought Leaders: BPO Industry and Digital Transformation

CEOs Weigh in on Philippine BDO Industry, Digital Transformation In just a little over a decade, the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry steadily rose to become one of the major drivers of the Philippine economy, with investments coming from around the world. However, the trend towards digital transformation as well as disruptive [...]

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Thought Leaders: Digital Transformation as an Emerging Culture

What does it mean for business to go digital? In what ways are their processes, mindsets, and results affected by this inevitable transformation? These are questions that the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) pondered on during this year’s Agora Table Series, a fireside chat where thought leaders exchanged valuable insights on Disruptive Technologies in [...]

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How well connected are you with your customers?

On this present day, it is true that we live in a digital world. We touch points with our clients almost in every bit and byte; however, connecting with our consumers expands well beyond the cyber space. Meeting customers online is not enough. Meet them everywhere. Even on the road. Have you noticed [...]

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